Karol sofa - high functionality, comfort and fashionable minimalism.
The Karol model with a 1600 mm wide corner section provides a new level of comfort at home. It allows two people to fit freely without having to unfold the sofa.
Despite the size of the reclining part, the entire Karol design seems to float above the floor, holding the sofa on high but firm legs. Such a modern design emphasizes the visual lightness of upholstered furniture.

In addition to the fashionable design, Karol's unique feature is the innovative unfolding mechanism, invisible to the naked eye. Conventional modular sofas on legs do not unfold or the mechanism comes out of the frame, misrepresenting the design and proportions of the sofa. However, the folding modular "Karol" is so cleverly designed that it visually appears not to be unfolded.

This is an indicator of the highest functionality of modern modular upholstered furniture. 

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